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Genetics, epigenetics and the mind-heart-emotions connection: what new science explains about human nature

Developing a better understanding of our reality, also presumes a full exploration of human nature itself. We humans are complex beings and we’re definitely more than just physical bodies which in essence are nothing more than organized structures of energetic waves.

Genetics - Epigenetics

Since James Watson and Francis Crick discovered the structure of DNA in 1953, this molecule composing our genes has been thought to control the biology of life and it was supposed that it would be impossible for us to have influence on this process.

Meanwhile, the new study field of epigenetics indicates that our cells’ behavior is not controlled by genes but through signals coming from the physical and energetic environment. The cell membrane operates as an interface between the environment and the nucleus and actually appears to be the brain of the cell. The membrane – in fact a silicon chip-like liquid crystal semiconductor - is equipped with a substantial number of on/off switches, each responding to different environmental signals and controlling different cellular functions. The DNA in the nuclei of our cells contains the construction blueprints to manufacture the protein molecule building blocks of our organism. DNA also functions as the gonads of the cells without which they cannot reproduce.

Epigenetics study how environmental signals activate and regulate gene behavior. These signals select which gene blueprints are to be read, but can also modify the readout of the blueprint. In this process, the brain operates as a transducer machine that reads and interprets the signals to then regulate the neurochemicals that determine the genetic expression of the cells.

Perception, consciousness, subconscious belief systems and self-identity development

What we experience to be our environment, is mainly a product of an inner brain process, an inner world of perceptions, informed by electric signals that are converted by our senses and transformed into 3D holograms which we project outside ourselves. The interpretation of this experience will be colored by how we perceive environmental signals such as light, sound, smell, touch, taste, emotions, energy, etc... This is where our mind gets involved. We humans have the ability to change and control the quality of our perception, environmental information and life for the better through consciousness.

New science indicates indeed that how we perceive life and our environment is not alone a projection of our sensory system but also a reflection of inner conscious and subconscious belief systems. Beliefs are powerful conclusions or convictions that we derive from information through observation or experience and that are conditioned by our educational, cultural, religious, familial, etc… environment. They act as filters that color our thoughts, affect our biology and influence the way we experience reality.

Already during the first six years of its life, a child is unconsciously downloading fundamental behavioral and belief programs. During that period, the child’s brain is operating in a super-learning, hypnotic trance-like state of mind, characterized by low delta and theta EEG frequencies. That particular state of mind allows the child to subconsciously download other people’s behaviors and beliefs to automatically program them as their own, without any interference of the not yet developed conscious mind. By doing so, the child also develops its self-identity, based on assessments it hears from its parents, family, teachers, etc… All these elements, composing the self-identity are directly recorded into the subconscious as well.

Neuroscience on the conscious and subconscious mind; rewriting the subconscious

Though, according to neuroscience, our conscious mind, which includes the capacities of awareness and creativity, controls our life only 5% of the time. No less than 95% of the time our subconscious mind – which is essentially a record-playback mechanism - is running our life, based on instincts related data provided by genetics and invisible programs acquired from others. While our conscious mind is just a small processor, operating at 40 bits per second and capable to process 1 to 3 events simultaneously, our subconscious mind operates at 40 million bits per second, handling thousands of events at once. Recent research also revealed that our subconscious appears to make decisions up to 6 seconds before we ‘think’ to do so.

The good news is that subconscious programs can be rewritten to regain power over life by developing awareness and putting that awareness into practice. Reprogramming the subconscious mind is related to a process of exploring and rewriting the programs through consciously ‘switching off’ the dysfunctional, obstructive beliefs and replacing them by positive, functional, constructive thoughts, images and emotions. The role of rewriting the subconscious in handling trauma related reactivity can be significant.

Wave genetics, the biological internet, hyper-communication and group-consciousness

Other recent scientific research not only suggests that the biology of our body can be influenced by words, thoughts and sound frequencies but also found that human DNA is an integral part of a biological internet in which living chromosomes act like a holographic computer, using endogenous DNA laser radiation. Similar to the artificial internet, our DNA seems to be able to input data into this biological network, retrieve data from it and make contact with other participants. These scientists also discovered that our DNA can produce a sort of magnetized wormholes, allowing bits of information to be transmitted outside space and time. DNA attracts the information and passes it on to our consciousness. This process of hyper-communication offers a new explanation for phenomena such as intuition, inspiration, telepathy, remote sensing and all forms of sudden access to information that is outside our personal knowledge base.

As hyper-communication will get seriously disturbed by stress, worries, and a hyperactive mind, it will be most effective in a state of relaxation. And it will of course require a non-intoxicated mind.

The process of hyper-communication also holds the key to re-establish our natural potential to develop group consciousness. As human behavior and how we organize society is deeply connected to the collective energy fields of belief systems, shared by larger numbers of people, it is essential to make use of this core human capacity for the better in a conscious way. Collective beliefs shape our social, cultural, health care, economic, academic, political, moral and spiritual structures and institutions. So together we can change our collective programs for the better through sharing and applying awareness of our group consciousness capacities and the interconnectedness of all life on Earth as a solid basis for local and global cooperation.

Human interconnectedness and the Schumann resonances

We humans appear to be the cells that are composing a larger, multi-cellular ‘social’ organism, called humanity. In reality, we are all connected as we are all immersed in the Earth’s electromagnetic field. The cavity formed by the earth’s surface and the ionosphere has a dominant natural base frequency of 7.83 hertz. These Schumann Resonances are corresponding with our human brainwave states during dreams and relaxation. They are also tied to the hippocampus, which is tuned to this same frequency of 7.83 hertz and is considered to be the gateway to our memory data. In fact we humans are meant to be surrounded by the natural earth frequency that helps us achieve our optimum brainwave state. Though at present, the electromagnetic radiation produced by power lines, satellite receivers, cell phone towers, etc… disturbs these Schumann resonances. The fewer the disturbances within this geomagnetic field activity, the better the connections between all human brains will be. The quality of this natural connective communication system is also influenced by how we translate the related data patterns through our own baggage, our own belief systems which often put a layer over it that can disturb the signal just like noise. The mechanism that allows the Earth’s magnetic field to store all this information pretty much looks like a hologram.

The human mind and the thoughts-heart-emotions connection

Though our mind is recognized to be an electrical field of thoughts, our thoughts can be influenced and controlled by emotions from a body center that is more powerful than the brain. The human heart’s electromagnetic field appears to be 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain’s field. Heart rhythms strongly affect our brain activity. The heart is continuously communicating with and influencing the brain, not alone through electromagnetic field interactions, but also through pressure and sound waves, hormones and neurotransmitters, and transmission of neural impulses. The human heart plays a central role in creating positive emotions which appear to be of much bigger impact than just thoughts. By loading our goals and intentions with love and positive emotions, we can improve our personal lives and - if applied in group - help our world to evolve for the better. When a sufficiently large number of people join forces to develop group consciousness and use the enormous potential of the thoughts-heart-emotions connection in such a positive way, we will be able indeed to soon establish a peaceful, abundant world with a secure social, economic and ecological climate for all.

The two opposing laws of manifestation: entropy and syntropy

The process by which we shape our personal and common destiny also appears to be steerable by two opposing, time connected manifestation laws and energies: entropy and syntropy. Entropy is a causal, diverging force which stimulates chaos, fragmentation, disintegration and destruction in organized matter and is driven by causes from the past.

Syntropy is a converging force which stimulates living systems towards fulfillment, cooperation and higher levels of development. Syntropy is driven by ‘causes’ arriving from the future: an energy that is attracting future possibilities. It’s the law of life, love and diversity and also the basic energy to build up Planetecova!
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