Our work
Animal kingdom and nature

At Planetecova we promote the values of respect and love for animals and nature as part of a holistic approach to create a more sustainable world. We focus on the importance of a friendly interaction with animals and the environment and a better management of natural resources. We encourage sustainable, organic agriculture and the use of renewable energy. We also understand that all life on earth is interconnected.

Planetecova fully supports local initiatives and international conventions to enhance sustainability, protection and conservation of animals, plants and the terrestrial, aquatic and marine ecosystems.

We strongly oppose all forms of violence and cruelty against pets and animals.

Just as humans, animals suffer from the consequences of trauma generated by abandonment, lost, rejection, violence, natural disasters, wars, pollution, accidents, etc… or simply neglect. These traumas can severely disrupt their energy field which will affect their behaviour, physical and emotional health. We aim at creating awareness of this topic and what could be the solutions to further avoid animal trauma through a more balanced human interacion with nature.

It is obvious that protecting animal life and nature, together with restoring and maintaining our ecosystems will be paramount to create a more sustainable world. Becoming aware of the real values of nature will allow us all to participate in this process.

Without doubt, we consider that addressing big social issues like for instance reducing poverty will also require a full understanding of the interrelated problems and solutions affecting animals and nature.
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